PUMA Men's King Pro SG Football Competition Shoes

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The PUMA Men's King Pro SG is a highly regarded football boot, ideal for season long tough matches year after year. The thin and lightweight leather offers the player maximum comfort and ball control with a reinforced heel for more stability. Ankle lining helps keep blisters at bay

A quality boots of this type has meant a high ratings on Amazon with lots of positive reviews.

Some buyer comments include:

  • "these are soft leather, well made, durable and fit like a pair of slippers"

  • "these are a more generous fit, especially if you have a wider foot."

  • "Having also worn predators and Reebok, nothing compares the kings. The soft leather and lightweight appeal still evident"

  • "I used to wear these about 20 years ago and they are still great"

  • "Great for the wet pitches also with no blades"

One possible drawback is the studs push through the sole plate, so if this happens just get a a good gel sole insert.


  • PUMA Lite leather for comfort and durability

  • Quilted panels for optimum padding

  • Outer Material: Leather

  • Inner Material: Textile

  • Sole: Synthetic

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Type: Flat


  1. Are they suitable for wide feet? They fit like a glove & accommodate wide feet too with a a nice soft leather

  2. Can i change the studs to firm ground? Possible, but not recommended as these are for grass or wet muddy fields.

  3. What size should I order? To allows for maximum comfort and go for a +0.50 for movement of foot / swelling during warm weather, thicker socks , ankle protection , strapping etc

  4. Where can I buy replacement studs? Any good local sports shops would sell them, but all boot screw-in studs are universal - just make sure you buy football studs not rugby studs.

Maintenance Tip: To ensure they remain in top condition season after season, after every game, keep them clean by a good scrub with warm soapy water, stuff paper inside boots to soak up the wet. Use Chelsea Dubbin & leave on the boots for a few days, replace the paper inside the boots daily, clean off the dubbin

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