Football Boots vs Rugby Boots

People often ask what's the difference between Football Boots vs Rugby Boots?

The look pretty similar

So, so can you wear football boots to play rugby?

The simple answer is yes. Both are physical sports, but as you can probably guess, Rugby is really physical where you can man handle players form the other team and bring them down and you won't get a red card (as long as it's not classes as an illegal tackle).

So with this in mind, generally rugby boots are have a higher cut that's designed to provide extra ankle support. There is a trend however amongst some rugby players (mainly the backs) who prefer football boots for the opposite reason as it gives them more mobility. Like Football, the game has evolved as players has become more professional with training, diet and speed now more part of the game, so traditional shoes have given way to lighter ones for speed and comfort. A lot more R&D goes into soccer boots.

Football Boots vs Rugby Boots
Rugby Boot

Rugby Positions Dictate Which Boot is More Suitable

Whereas football players prefer a similar boot, rugby players can select either types depending on the position they play.

  • Forwards - use their body weight and brute strength to push-on using al of their lower body weight and therefore would favour more traditional overly protective boot to provide extra ankle support.

  • Kickers - prefer tighter-fitting boots to give them a better feel when they kick the ball and to accurately judge the distance they have to kick.

  • Props - like forwards prefer higher ankle boots to help support their ankles in scrums especially.

Other Differences:

Shoe Width: generally rugby boots are wider but stronger to provide that extra power to boot the ball out.

Cut: Football boots generally have lower ankle support and as already mentioned above, depending on player positions can have low-mid-high choices.

Heel: Rugby players need that extra power to push or stop players and this is designed to provide that extra push during scrums or rucks.

Can you put rugby studs on football boots?

On the whole yes you can wear them. Ultimately, the studs have to be safe and that means ensuring they have no sharp edges. The referee have the final say on what is deemed to be safe, but players needs to take responsibility themselves.

These days however, it's unlikely you would find rugby studs on football boots and many have plastic blades or moulded plastic studs. In fact the opposite can be said where football studs are being worn on rugby boots and the same safety rule against sharp edges apply, where the studs should be smoothly finished with a base greater than 1mm.