Review: Best Rated PUMA Football Boot under £80

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

We have been busy checking out all the different types of the top football boots or shoes

for under £80 and came across a few, but there was one that stood out based on customer feedback, quality, performance.

PUMA Unisex Adults' King TOP FG Football Shoe

PUMA Unisex Adults' King TOP FG Football Shoe

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This is one of the best rated football boots to buy on the market. As you can see it's designed like a classic football shoe with a traditional black with white stripes that you see worn up and down the country at all levels. It's traditional look makes it appealing for many football players.

K-Leather Vamp

We like the K-leather vamps allowing for perfect ball control. The benefits mean quicker drying more breathable. It's a soft leather, so is more lightweight that will help with better ball touches. However, it should be known that its not as weather proof as some other materials.

Conical Studs

These are lightweight, high impact aluminium and are designed to better traction in different outdoor surfaces such on soft, wet and muddy pitches. Other boots have blades instead, that are more suited to harder ground as more contact is made between your foot and the ground and in theory offering better traction. This can make the difference, but more matches are played on firm to soft ground.

PUMA Unisex Adults' King TOP FG Football Shoe Studs

Other benefits include:

  • It moulds better to your feet in shorter time compared to some other boots that have stiffer leather, so the time to breaking them in is significantly reduced.

  • The price for what you get is one of the major factors for choosing this boot and the price varies depending on size and availability. you can buy up to a 13 and and costs £70. and many other sizes cost the same price.

Shoe Specs:

  • Outer Material: Other Leather

  • Inner Material: Mesh

  • Sole: Synthetic

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Shoe Width: Medium

Overall: if you want your feet to do all the talking then these football boots are an excellent choice with great performance, comfort and price.

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