Are Football Boots Unisex?

Traditionally football boots or shoes have been the domain of men (and boys), however as times have gone by, football is now also a very popular and growing sport for women (and girls) with more playing the sport at school.

There has been an enlargement of women's formal soccer leagues across the world and where for instance the women's US National Soccer Team is better known and supported then the men's and are world beaters.

Womens US National Soccer Team

Are Men's And Women's Football Boots The Same?

The two leading manufacturers (Nike & Adidas) market some boots for men and women separately but essentially there is very little difference. There are lots of Unisex Football Boots and as the name suggests that are suitable for both sexes.

For marketing purposes there are special collections aimed at women, that offer designs that women find more attractive and appealing and some boots may have design changes more suitable for the female foot.

Adidas Women's Boots

Some modifications have been made to soccer boots by Adidas, who have added special sole plates specifically for women's feet, but have said that they are almost identical. In most cases there is no difference, except then generally men's feet are bigger!

Some women prefer to wear men's shoes and take a size lower to accommodate for it. For example, if a woman normally wears a size 8, she would likely wear a size 6 1/2 men’s soccer shoe.

Adidas Nemeziz Women's Football Shoes
Adidas Nemeziz Women's Football Shoes

Differences In Men's And Women's Feet

It's a scientific fact that men generally have longer and broader feet than women. There are also some differences other ankle, arch, tie and ball of the foot areas (see here) . In effect women typically have a narrower heel and taller arch than a man.

These known differences mean that you'll be seeing more boots specifically designed to make them more female friendly and that means greater comfort and playability.

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