Learn All About Football Boots or Shoes

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

This guide is for those people who want to know more about football boots before you buy one or just curious to know more about technical aspects. Please find below sections covered in this area.

About Football Boots or Shoes

Learn About History of Football Boots or Shoes

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and has a long history from its competitive inception and is widely recognised to have been invented in England in the mid-18th Century (China claim to have played a version of it much earlier). Due to the physical nature of the game, protective boots are a requirement, but they also help enhance performance as technology improves. Read our guide for more in-depth details here

Best Tips On How To Care For Football Boots or Shoes?

These days football boots can be quite expensive and even if they aren't so you would want to ensure that they last you a long time as possible and if well looked after they will. Learn about some simple shoe care steps you can make that will keep them in the best condition possible here

Are Football Boots Unisex?

Can men and women wear the same football boots or are they just for men? Have a quick read of our guide on the differences that may determine if it really matters here

What Football Boots Do Famous Footballers Wear?

Want to look like your footballing heroes? Then check out our review on which famous footballer wears what shoes, from Messi to Ronaldo to Rashford to Neymar here

How to Stop Football Boots Smelling?

Let's be honest, it's never a good smell, is it? Follow out simple tips to help you remove and eliminate bad smelling boot odours here

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