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With some many choices out there it can be tough to know which football boots or shoes are right for you. It's more like an investment these days as football itself is gets more popular worldwide and having the right kit is just as important. However, sometimes you can have the best kit but it may not be right for you. What we're aiming to do is to educate so you can make better choices by giving you our impartial view on the best football boots or shoes to buy for all ages.


You'll find a wealth of information from our top lists to more in-depth reviews and list our top-rated boots. In addition to that, we have the Education section where we have tried to answer most people question to understand football boots better from how they are made and what the different specs actually mean. With all this information you'll be very knowledgeable in all the areas.

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We review the latest and best football boots made by all the big branded manufactures including Adidas, Nike, Umbro, Puma and many others.